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Unleash Your Business Triumph: The Electrifying Power of Mastering Public Speaking

Are you ready to revolutionize your business journey? Public speaking, often brushed aside as 'not my thing,' holds the key to a world of untapped opportunities! It's time to break free from the misconception that it's only for high school or college settings, Fortune 500 bigwigs, or celebrities.


Biz to Biz Has a New Look

There comes a time when you know what you’re currently doing isn’t working. You may not have the drive to work in your current situation anymore, or you have the feeling there is something better waiting for you out there. Regardless of where you currently are, there are some signs to look for when deciding if it’s time to look for a new opportunity.


Growing Your Business in a Sustainable & Intentional Way

Sustainable business growth is all about moving with intention and growing at a rate that doesn’t burn you out. Find out why growing your business too quickly isn’t such a good thing, and how to approach it instead


Top 7 Skills That Empower You to Grow Your Business

In order to succeed at your new business, there are some skills that are essential and will help you grow your business faster. Especially if you are starting your business alone. Here are seven of the top skills that will empower you to grow your business in record time.


The Relationship Between Sales & Marketing to Grow Your Business

Both marketing and sales are helpful to growing your business. Marketing helps spread awareness of your products, and sales helps push those products into the right hands. Why is this relationship key to growing your business, and what happens when this relationship is broken?


How to Grow a Team with Your Leadership

Leaders are those who empower their team to be able to perform their best by giving them the tools, coaching and training they need to succeed. In order to grow your business, you’ll need to use your leadership skills to grow your team. Here are some ways you can do this.


Building a Quality Reputation in Your Community

Building a reputation is a lot like building relationships. It can take time, but there are things you can do to ensure your business develops a quality reputation in your community.


Using Your Passion for Business to Make a Difference & Get an ROI

The world is full of dreamers, but oftentimes it’s difficult to manifest those dreams into a concrete business. It requires passion, strategy, and discipline, as well as the desire to make a difference for yourself and your community.


Build Networking Groups Designed to Succeed with a Proven Strategy

Biz to Biz groups are distinct from other networking groups. Our model has been successful in empowering over 10,000 businesses, learn more about our Certified Business Partner program to empower small businesses.


5 Ways to Know You Are Ready for a New Opportunity

There comes a time when you know what you’re currently doing isn’t working. You may not have the drive to work in your current situation anymore, or you have the feeling there is something better waiting for you out there. Regardless of where you currently are, there are some signs to look for when deciding if it’s time to look for a new opportunity.


Investing in a New Business

New businesses require an investment of time and money to get started. There are several options to choose from, and the right decision depends on your business and business goals.


Where to Get Your First Customer When You Start a New Business?

You’ve finally decided to start your own business. Maybe you provide a service online, or make really cute hand made toys. Whatever it is, you’ve decided that you want to start making it a professional business. You set up everything you need to make a seamless, and legal, launch.... Now the question is, how do you get your first customer?...


How to Get The Word Out When You Start a New Business?

Whether or not you’ve already launched your new business, there are several things you can do to get the word out. Making people aware of your new venture is vital, because people won’t shop at your store or ask for your services if they don’t know they exist.


Why “Networking” isn’t Dead and How to do it so You Get Results?

If you search the term “networking” on Google, you’ll find quite a few articles declaring networking is dead. The truth, however, is quite the opposite: networking still remains one of the most essential ways to grow a business.


The Value of Having a Network of Business Professionals

Your network is one of your most valuable assets. A business network can provide a lot of value for your business. Here are some of the most valuable benefits to having a network of business professionals.


5 Ways to Support Your Community with Your Local Business

Your business is an important part of your local community. It helps foster a sense of loyalty and community spirit every time a customer chooses to shop locally at your store. Here are just 5 of the ways you can support your community with your local business.


Finding a Business Community During Covid-19

Are you feeling lonely working on your business during COVID-19? It may be time to consider joining a business community for support, advice and friendship.


5 Tips to Stay Connected While Working From Home

With the current COVID-19 pandemic, most of our day-to-day routines have been completely shifted, with no certain end in sight. Many of us are working from home with mixed results! You may find…


Keys to Creating Powerful Mentor Relationships

It’s February and love is in the air. Which makes it the perfect time to talk about…clients. While it might seem surprising, or even weird, to use the word “love” and “clients” in the same sentence, there might not be a better word for how best to navigate yourself in the business world. After all, at the core of any loving relationship is trust...


Top 3 Strategies to Strengthen Your Network in 2020

It’s the start of 2020, so it’s the perfect time to reflect and strategize about what steps to take to strengthen your career. It’s a well-known fact that networking is a key component to advancing, especially if you’re in the business of building a book of business. Focusing on enhancing your networking skills and outreach could be the perfect path for you this year...

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