Build Networking Groups Designed to Succeed with a Proven Strategy

Build Networking Groups Designed to Succeed with a Proven Strategy

Networking groups have been around for a while, and are a great way to meet other entrepreneurs who are going through a similar journey and challenges as you.

There are many types of groups out there, focusing on different things. What makes a networking group successful? Strategy or lack of strategy. Biz to Biz is now offering an opportunity to build your own chapters as a Certified Business Partner. This program is designed to empower you to build a business around empowering other businesses through networking groups.

What is a Networking Group?

Networking is nothing new, and has been used as a tool for promoting businesses for a long time. What used to be yearly conferences and events to promote yourself with others in your industry has now evolved into much more.

Networking groups are groups that get together to help build each other up and promote your business, while offering advice and encouragement to others in your group. When done correctly, networking groups are a powerful way to both create a sense of community for yourself and also increase your business. Biz to Biz has been building groups for over 15 years, and now this strategy is available for you to bring success to local businesses in your area, or virtual groups online.

What is the Purpose of Most Networking Groups?

Most networking groups have the goal of enriching and promoting each other’s businesses by sharing tips and expertise, and offering the exchange of information and referrals to others in the group. Instead of finding a mentor in your industry, a networking group offers multiple mentors, oftentimes in different industries which offers different perspectives on different aspects of business as a whole, regardless of industry.

Our groups are also known for empowering businesses to increase their confidence, improve and refine their sales skills, and bringing people together to offer support, masterminding, and a network of trusted professionals that work together to produce results and increase referrals.

Biz to Biz groups are distinct from other networking groups. Our model has been successful in empowering over 10,000 businesses and their growth over the last 15 years. We have chapters in over 4 states, and we are currently working on growing to support small business growth all around the United States.

This is because we have taken the time to build out our strategy, refine the processes, and build out the technology for you to be successful. Many chapters run under the direction and coaching of a Certified Business Partner. They invest in our program, and build successful networking groups in return not only do they have an opportunity to see an ROI, they also get to make a difference in the lives of small businesses, and their customers coming from a give to give perspective.

Why Strategy is Essential to a Successful Group

Networking groups all differ because they offer unique perspectives and goals. Some are focused on building relationships, while others are focused on diving deep and learning and growing in a specific field, with others who long to do the same.

You may have a vision for what your ideal group would look like, only to see that vision fall short because there is no group that quite fits what you imagined.

For that reason, you may decide to start a group of your own. Biz to Biz provides a way to build successful groups, without reinventing the wheel. Our culture, and our approach brings viral success when implemented with pure intentions. We have a program that will help you go from concept to implementation and success.

While growing a group takes time, effort, and training, we are here to help you be successful.

Starting a networking group is a great way to build up your own business while helping other people do the same. We have designed and proven this strategy, so you can focus on learning the strategy and implementing it to bring success.

Components of Our Strategy

Specific & Intentional

Our groups and our strategy comes from over 15 years of expertise in building groups. We have taken the time to dive in deep, get messy, and learn what makes a group be successful.

Everything in this program is designed with your success in mind, and the success of your chapter members. Throughout your training, we will teach you the ins and outs and the whys behind the approach, so you can be successful as you implement and grow your chapters.

A huge component of success in building a Biz to Biz chapter is by staying intentional. Working with us to understand the strategy, and to trust the process. We also work together to creatively find solutions that you face as you grow your group(s).

Alignment with Our Core Values & Your Mindset

Biz to Biz takes a powerful stand for small businesses. Our core values are the context we come from in everything we do. Working with Certified Business Partners who care about people, and their businesses the way we do is important. Our success comes from implementing and taking actions that align with our core values. Our most successful CBP align in these areas and are naturally driven to help others, build communities, and work hard to make a difference.

Our Core Values





Kill with Kindness


Dedicated to Astonishment





Open to Feedback



This context also empowers us to find business professionals with Integrity, increasing the quality of our groups, and the way we support businesses. Building relationships takes time and trust and when we align with these values, and people can see them in action, this is where a real difference is made for you as you build a group, and for the members in your chapters to be successful.

Our main motto – Give to Give brings a deeper level of meaning, and purpose to our certified business partners, our members, and ultimately to their clients and customers.

Use the Tools & Technology Already in Place

Biz to Biz uses a variety of processes to empower the way a group grows, and succeeds. When you partner with Biz, you don’t have to worry about how to get results because our strategy has been designed to work with the systems and processes currently in place.

We also take the time to refine, and improve our systems for the benefit of our members and for our Certified Business Partners.

We have tools and technology in place to start building your group successfully. This includes:

> Online Application to Pass and Track Referrals

> Online Application

> Guests Can Register to Attend/Visit a Group Online

> Member Services to Help Manage Customer Service Calls

> Training & Support Through the Whole Process - Building, Launching, Growing

> and More

Starting and running a networking group is no small feat. We are expanding this opportunity because we see the need for small businesses to have support and resources now more than ever. Our groups have shown the power of coming together to make a difference in the ability for small businesses to thrive.

If you are looking to build a networking group, we would love to talk with you about your goals, and see if we are the right fit. You can learn more about our Certified Business Partner program here or if you would like to talk to someone more about this opportunity give us a call at 1-877-224-9224.

And hey, if you want to grow your business and build relationships within our COMMUNITY of small business owners and sales professionals focused on their businesses, community & personal GROWTH and on giving/receiving MENTORSHIP with other like-hearted people, then make sure to check out Biz to Biz networking groups!

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