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Join our vibrant community of entrepreneurs and gain access to powerful connections, expert guidance, warm leads, and a supportive network dedicated to helping your business thrive.

Proven Strategies for Long Term Growth

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How does Biz to Biz help your business grow?

Our chapters combine community building, mentorship, powerful networking and lead generation opportunities derived from a strategic agenda that we have developed for more than a decade.

Strategic Weekly Meetings
One hour and fifteen minute weekly meetings with your networking group to learn, grow, and exchange leads.
Non-Compete Exclusive Spots
You'll be the only person in your industry in your chapter, meaning that you won't have to compete for business within the chapter.
Mentorship & Skills Development
Biz members all have unique skills and talents. We promote mentorship and sharing to help each other expand our knowledge in a wide variety of professional and personal skills development trainings, giving you and your business an edge above your competitors.
A Positive Community
Be part of a supportive group of business owners who are focused on building relationships and helping each other grow.
Pam Artmann - Biz to Biz

As a long time Biz to Biz member, I have truly valued the experience over the years... My Biz to Biz group is my business family, my work church and I couldn't imagine not seeing everyone every week. They motivate me to grow both personally and professionally. The time that I invest each week is well spent.

Pam Artmann
Edina Realty

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Our Process

We believe it is our responsibility to empower you as an entrepreneur, small business owner or sales professional.

Biz to Biz has a refined and intentional strategy that makes it possible to find like-minded individuals and have the mentorship and skills development you need to thrive.

With over 10,000 members served in our networking groups since we were founded in 2006, we have helped small businesses build a trusted network of business referral partners making it easier to reach new customers. Our groups are known for their welcoming environments and for providing real support that produces real results.

Biz to Biz has created networking groups designed to bring you and your business invaluable tools and a growth-minded community to empower you to be successful.

Biz to Biz Meeting - Elk River Connections

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