Networking Groups Give You a Space to Contribute & Be Contributed To

Networking Groups Give You a Space to Contribute & Be Contributed To

Oftentimes when starting a business, you are on your own. You create and sell the products, or provide the services, on top of bookkeeping, meeting with new customers, marketing, and managing a team along with everything else.

It can be difficult to find people who are in a similar position as you to connect with. First of all, your schedule is full, and it’s more than a full time job. Second of all, maybe no one in your family or friend circle is doing what you’re doing, or they haven’t built a business or have the kind of support and resources you need to thrive in your business.

They may even be unsupportive of you and your business.

Networking Groups Provide The Space and Support

Whether or not your family and friends support your business venture, you can always use someone else in your corner. Networking groups are all about providing a system of support and care, from a select group of people who are dedicated to your success. When one person succeeds in their business, everyone else does too.

Joining a networking group isn’t a decision to be taken lightly. To get the most success you’ll need to be committed to putting in the time and energy connecting, supporting and referring to the people in your network. With the right strategy and group the time and effort are worth it, because the group supports you and contributes to your success.

When you discover the right group for you, it provides a lot of benefits.

Why Are People in Networking Groups Committed to Your Success?

You may be new to the concept of networking groups, and curious about why a group would be invested in your success. Networking groups work best when everyone involved has similar mindsets, goals or work ethic. When choosing a group, you are also deciding on future chosen family members and potential business partners, and lifelong friends. When you ask our Biz to Biz members why they participate in our groups the number one reason is they are able to build quality relationships that make a difference in their life and business.

You build bonds, and these bonds help encourage the exchange of ideas and value. It also encourages the exchange of referrals. Referrals are essential, because it allows your business to build credibility and trust in the eyes of your community or industry. A big incentive to join one of these groups, particularly a Biz to Biz chapter, is to develop and exchange these referrals to the people you know in your communities. The overall exchange of value amongst the people in your group is the biggest benefit to joining one.

Contributing to Your Network Group

In order for it to be successful, everyone in a networking group is expected to contribute. What does contribution look like? It can mean a lot of things.

Oftentimes, during meetings, you will talk about struggles you may be having in your business. If someone is struggling with an area you excel at, contribute by volunteering to help them.

If someone in your group is preparing a launch for a new course, or writing an e-book, offer to beta test or edit.

By simply being present and active in supplying feedback as needed, you are contributing a lot. There are many ways to give to those in your network, and if you aren’t sure how to help others, simply ask.

Getting Contributions from Your Network Group

In contrast, you will also receive contributions from your group. Letting your group in when you are struggling will help you get through it, while also strengthening the camaraderie within.

Do you need advice about a particular topic? Need to know how to do something technical, and none of your friends and family know how? Ask the group for advice, for feedback, and for generalized ideas as you need them.

While remaining professional during meetings is a good idea, don’t be afraid to reach out for emotional support as well. To succeed in business, it helps to be healthy and happy. If you’re struggling mentally, it’s ok to let people in.

Being vulnerable shows that you trust those around you with your true feelings, and gives them a chance to prove themselves worthy of that trust. This type of contribution may be more personal, but is vital.

Collaborations and Partnerships

One of the exciting things about contributing in groups is the potential for establishing partnerships and collaborations in your group. Apart from referrals, which we at Biz to Biz consider one of the most effective ways to grow your business, partnerships and collaborations are some of the best ways to spread the word about your business and gain a new audience.

When talking about what you are accomplishing in your business and by listening to others do the same, you may realize that you have a lot in common with someone else. Maybe you work in the same industry, and provide services that complement each other. In a situation like this, it may be beneficial to work together and build a package deal where your clients can get both services and you split the money.

Or perhaps you make a product and another person makes something similar, or in the same style. Featuring each other’s products in your stores can help increase business for both of you. And what better way to refer someone than to be able to point out their products in person? It can prove highly beneficial. This would work well whether you run your business in the same community, or across the world.

Networking groups are wonderful spaces to be able to contribute to the success of other business owners while also allowing other people in to do the same for you. At Biz to Biz, we value the relationship building that is necessary for these groups to succeed. Relationships are at the core of success, and we want to help you succeed. If you’re interested in learning more about who we are and what we offer, reach out today.

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