Biz to Biz has been empowering small businesses and sales professionals to build relationships & networks since 2006.

Our Mission: Your Success

At Biz to Biz, our mission is to empower small businesses and sales professionals to thrive in unity. As a catalyst for business growth, we provide a vibrant community where entrepreneurs are not just networking, but connecting, learning, and succeeding together. Since 2006, we've been fostering a nurturing environment that blends structured, professional development with a genuine spirit of camaraderie and support.

Through our referral marketing program, we champion a 'Give to Give' philosophy, encouraging the exchange of invaluable referrals that drive mutual success. We believe in the power of mentorship and shared wisdom to navigate the journey of entrepreneurship. Our commitment is to embolden businesses to grow, and in doing so, enrich their communities.

Biz to Biz is more than a network. It's a partnership, a mentor, a cheerleader, and a friend in times of triumph and trials. We are dedicated to helping businesses not just survive, but flourish, fostering a legacy of shared success and enriched communities.

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Individual Biz Groups have Generated More Than $1 Million Dollars Annually in Sales.


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Northwestern Mutual
Edina Realty
First Interstate Bank
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