Why Public Speaking More Essential Than Ever For Your Business Success

Why Public Speaking More Essential Than Ever For Your Business Success

Public speaking is a skill set that so many skip over as “not for me.”

It often feels like something you only do in high school or college. Or something that should be left to charismatic Fortune 500 CEOs, famous authors, Ted-Talk presenters, or celebrities.

Plus, the majority of us (75% according to Dr. Jeffrey Strawn) absolutely hate public speaking. There’s even a word for it — glossophobia.

When you combine our natural aversion to the act, plus the canceled events and physical distancing caused by the recent pandemic, honing your public speaking skills might very well be the last thing on your mind.

But that’d be a huge mistake.

Public speaking is now more important than ever.

Below are three reasons why you need to prioritize public speaking for the sake of your business.

Reason #1: Become a Better Communicator

As a business owner or entrepreneur, your number one priority is growing your business. In order to grow your business, you need to be able to communicate the value of what you offer, and why your services are better than your competitors.

The problem is persuasive communication isn’t easy, and trying to pull it off, even on the phone or in an email, can make you feel stressed and sound inauthentic — the worst!

As an entrepreneur and business owner, you are only as valuable as your ability to persuade others to buy into your ideas. If you struggle to do so, then your business will struggle.

At its core, public speaking is a communication tool.

One that can be used to build trust and empathy, while also generating excitement and sharing knowledge. Becoming a great verbal communicator or public speaker will help you leverage the tool of communication to its greatest potential in all areas of your business.

Reason #2: Raise Your Authority

When you’re the communicator, speaker, or presenter, you’re in a unique position to show off your authority in what you do. And if you hone your presentation skills and sales pitches, you’ll build a reputation for poise and expertise.

When others see how well-versed and passionate you are, your trustworthiness increases. Trust and authenticity are key to any ongoing business relationship, and by showcasing those qualities in everything you do, you’re sure to attract more business opportunities.

Keep in mind, using public speaking skills to raise your authority doesn’t have to be restricted to in-person events either — these skills certainly translate to the online world and can help you create higher quality webinars, online interviews, live-streamed presentations, or even virtual networking events.

Reason #3: Stand Out & Unlock More Opportunities

Public speaking, hands down, is one of the best ways to network. Why? You become one of the most memorable. Your speech or presentation, whether in-person or online, if it is well-structured and clear, will start a conversation or persuade your audience to connect with you. Even better, if it’s really well crafted, they’ll be thrilled to follow up and perhaps tell others about you too.

That’s a powerful opportunity.

Improving your public speaking skills is vital to business growth.

True growth isn’t eliminating challenges you face but learning how to handle them.

To handle your own insecurities or fears about public speaking, start getting intentional about improving them. Anytime you speak with someone is a potential opportunity for improvement. By becoming intentional about improving your public speaking skills, you’ll find dozens of opportunities each day to practice.

Likewise, you can also get the guidance of others who know the tips and tricks of better communication and public speaking. It is completely possible for you to become a better public speaker, whether you are leading meetings around a conference table, hosting webinars and video conferences, or speaking live from a stage. Click here to contact us to learn more about becoming a more dynamic business owner.

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