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Biz to Biz Membership Application

(For One Year in One Chapter)

We are so glad you want to join us! Biz to Biz is a non-discriminatory organization which means all first-time member applications are approved upon receipt with the following exceptions:

  1. If the primary industry reflected on the application has already been taken within the desired chapter, OR if the desired chapter is full, then the application will not be approved in that chapter. The applicant will be offered membership in an alternative chapter, if available, and/or invited to be part of a Now Forming chapter. If neither of these alternative options is selected, the application will be withdrawn.
  2. In the event we receive multiple applications for the same industry in the same chapter within a 4-hour window of each other, any applicants that applied during that 4-hour window will go through a non-discriminatory interview process with a member of the Biz Home Office team to determine which applicant will be awarded the seat in the chapter. (The remaining applicant(s) will be offered membership in an alternative chapter, if available, and/or invited to be part of a Now Forming chapter. If neither of these alternative options is selected, the application will be withdrawn.)
  3. Due to ongoing invitation efforts being made by chapter leadership teams and members, when an industry seat is VACATED from a Biz to Biz chapter, the chapter will be granted two weeks to fill the vacated industry seat.

    VACATED = the member that previously had the industry seat secured has left the chapter

Step 1: Choose Your Chapter

Wrong chapter? Click here to choose a different chapter.

Step 2: Personal Details

By applying, you agree to receive Biz to Biz membership notifications via email.

Further information regarding the use of phone numbers can be found below in the Additional Information section.

Step 3: Company Details

Step 4: Address

Your Business Address, or if you work from home your home or mailing address

Step 5: Choose an Industry

Desired Industry Spot (Primary Designation)

Each member must select a primary business designation to represent in the Chapter. A business designation is defined as an area of expertise, area of license, or SIC code. When a business utilizes several areas of expertise, licenses, or SIC codes they must select their primary area of business and represent that within the Chapter at a non-compete level. Members are also able to list a secondary product or service on the application, see Secondary Product or Service below. Each member may only represent one business entity. If a member owns more than one business, they can have the second business join the Chapter; however, another person must attend that Chapter’s weekly meetings to represent that business as the primary member. In this situation, these two members would not be allowed to act as a substitute for the other.

Secondary Product or Service (Secondary Designation, if applicable)

Secondary products and services can be represented in your chapter until which time another member joins and your secondary product or service is their primary product/service. A secondary designation must be a product or service of the same exact business name on this application.

Step 6: Choose Membership Type

Membership Ownership*
(Please indicate who will own this membership by checking the appropriate box.)

Member-Owned = I will be the attending member that owns this Biz to Biz membership. If I change companies, the membership will stay with me. A Member Update form must be completed to make any changes to the company name and/or business designation.

Company-Owned = The Company owns the membership and has selected me as the primary person to attend meetings and represent their Company. If I leave the Company or change departments and I will no longer be the primary person attending meetings, the Company will have TWO weeks to select my replacement and that person will be required to complete a Member Update form as the new Company representative. (Reference Attendance Policy)

Step 7: Agreement & Consent

What are the top 3 reasons you are joining Biz to Biz?

By submitting this application and subsequently my payment, I agree to abide by the terms and conditions stated within this application and hereby acknowledge receipt of such terms and conditions. I understand that violating these terms and conditions could result in an immediate termination of membership. I understand that these terms and conditions include a binding arbitration agreement for dispute resolution. I also understand that this application for membership does not guarantee membership nor automatic renewal of membership.

View Terms & Conditions.

Additional Information

* Note: As you fill out the application for membership in Biz to Biz, please consider that the information you provide will be displayed publicly on the Biz to Biz website to represent you and your business/company.

  • Now Forming Chapter: A Now Forming chapter is a group that is in the beginning stages of starting a Biz to Biz chapter. To secure a seat in a Now Forming chapter, start by submitting the application. Upon confirmation that your industry seat is open in the desired chapter, you will be sent an invoice for the one-time application fee via email. Upon payment of the application fee, your seat is secured, your membership status is listed as pending and you are now considered a committed member. When the chapter reaches 10 committed members, the Now Forming chapter goes into the launch process and becomes an Active chapter. At this time, all committed members in the chapter will be sent an invoice for the annual membership fee via email. Payment of the annual membership fee will be DUE UPON RECEIPT to ensure a smooth chapter launch for all. Upon payment of the annual membership fee, your membership status will be upgraded to active and your membership will be fully processed. When your membership is fully processed, you’ll be given access to the available Biz to Biz Resources.
  • Active Chapter: An Active chapter has completed the launch process and is a fully functioning Biz to Biz chapter. To secure a seat in an Active chapter, start by submitting this application. Upon confirmation that your industry seat is open in the desired chapter, you will be sent an invoice for the one-time application fee and the annual membership fee via email. Upon payment of both fees, your seat is secured in the chapter, your membership will be fully processed/set to active status, and you’ll be given access to the available Biz to Biz Resources.
  • First and Last Name: This is the name of the primary person/member who will be attending 80% or more of the weekly Chapter meetings.
  • Company Name: Please use the legal/formal name of the company you represent.
  • Address: This is the legal/formal mailing address for your company. If you use a PO Box, please also include your physical address on the same line. (This is for membership purposes only; we will not display your address publicly on our website.)
  • Business Phone: Primary telephone number for your business. This will be the number displayed publicly on our website within your member profile.
  • Mobile Phone: Your mobile phone number is NOT posted on the website unless you choose to enter it as your primary contact number in the Business Phone field above. The Mobile Number is used to send text notifications from the Biz Member Center (if you opt in) and by the Biz Home Office team to reach you via call or text and is for internal use only. By providing your mobile number you subscribe to receive text messages from Biz to Biz. You may reply STOP to cancel, reply HELP for help. Message frequency varies. Message and Data rates may apply.
  • Title at Company: This is your formal position as stated on your business card.
  • Application and Membership Fees: The initial payment for a new membership in an Active Biz to Biz chapter includes a one-time application fee of $175 and an annual membership fee of **$395.
    ** Payment of both application fee and annual membership fee are required to secure your business designation in the Chapter.
    ** Due to license restrictions, the annual membership fee for chapters located in the Tri-Cities area of Washington State and in the State of Utah is $645.
  • Grandfathered Renewal Pricing: As a thank you to our members that maintain a current, uninterrupted, and active membership, we offer grandfathered annual membership renewal pricing. That means, even if the annual membership fee increases for new members, you’ll remain at the current membership rate for your upcoming annual renewals as long as you keep your membership active!
  • Forms of Payment Accepted: For your convenience, Biz to Biz accepts credit cards and checks. Credit cards payments expedite the processing of your application since we’re not waiting on [snail] mail. If you choose to pay with a check, you can expedite the process of activating your membership if you give your check to a leader of the desired chapter.
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