We Believe You Deserve More
Small business owners are our passion and empowering them to succeed is our mission. And we’ve been able to do so for thousands of entrepreneurs across the world, simply because our approach is different from other networking organizations — we believe you deserve more, 

so that’s exactly what we give you.

01. We’re Facilitators

We must grow together in order to be successful. We believe you deserve to be guided and empowered, not force-fed a rigid ideology, which is why our leaders act as facilitators who are invested in your empowerment. 

02. We’re Professional

We’re not some unstructured, fly-by-night organization. Since 2006, we’ve established proven guidelines, processes, and training materials that support the growth of individual Chapters that are highly effective.

03. We’re Strategic

We do everything with intention. We tailor our services, meetings, and programs for the minds and lives of busy, high-level independent business pros like you. You don’t just get referrals and ultimately more clients and sales — you are excited by what the future holds.

Proven Success

We’re In It For The Long Haul.

Since 2006, we’ve been achieving our mission to help small member businesses grow and flourish through our unique training and referral system — just imagine what we can do for you.


Active in over


Core Values

What We Do Best (And How it serves you)


We are committed to our members and what we promise them.


True success is gained by focusing on the success of others around you.


Ongoing education equips us to handle challenges with wisdom and grace.

Personal Responsibility

We take responsibility for our actions — we own our mistakes and our victories!


We strive to do the right thing at all times, even if that means a “loss” for us.

Finishing Strong

We do not give up and we do not let difficulties stand in the way of our goals.


Make Biz Your Biz. Partner with us Today.

The most effective way to advance your business is to develop your own skillset. We help make work life easier and more efficient with the tools and training you need to develop your skillset and move forward confidently. Start a Biz to Biz chapter in an existing area or bring Biz to your community!
  • Communication: Public Speaking, Sales Presentations
  • Leadership: Management, Conflict Resolution
  • Sales: Better Marketing Messages


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