Empowering Small Businesses to Build Relationships for Long Term Success


Your small business deserves to have access to the support, tools, and network that it takes to grow and be successful.

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Do you have a Give to Give Mindset?

We empower each group to come with an abundance mindset to make a difference as a professional for the lives of their customers, the lives of other business owners, and overall their community. This makes our approach powerful and necessary in the evolving business world.

Strategically Designed to Help You Get Results

From the way our group leadership sets up the room, to the rotating agenda, to the way our app is designed, everything is strategically designed to give you and your group everything you need to get results — to give and pass referrals, and increase sales in your business.


  • Non-Discrimination Policy
  • Rotating Agenda to Keep You Engaged
  • Non-Compete Industry Spots
  • Relevant & Valuable Training & Development
  • Biz to Biz App Making it Easy to Pass Referrals Digitally & Track Results
  • Training & Events from Biz to Biz Connecting Every Chapter Member in the United States
  • Have a Community of Positive Likeminded Individuals
  • Avoid Trial & Error through Support & Mentorship


How much does it cost to join?
$175 one-time application fee then $595 per year. *Corporate chapter pricing may vary, please contact [email protected] for more information

Do you have an attendance policy?
Yes, in order for chapters to thrive and your business to be successful it begins by showing up. Our commitment is that your time and effort to attend and participate is worth your time each and every week. Attendance and being known in the community is important for building a referral network and will empower you to get real results.

How long are your weekly meetings?
Our meetings are one hour and fifteen minutes long. We value your time, and our meetings begin on time and end on time.

What do you mean by a non-compete spot?
We only allow each person to represent one business designation, which means that once the spot for your industry is filled there will not be any competition in the group for referrals. This empowers you to build trust and a high-quality reputation in your industry and group for your specific products or services.

Do you require power hours for chapter membership?
Power hours are a one on one meeting with another person in your group, These power hours are not required for membership. We do, however, encourage power hours particularly if you are new to a chapter, or if your chapter is just getting started. Power hours will help you build a positive team environment, and help your team know how to refer you to potential customers.

Core Values

What We Do Best (And How it serves you)


We are committed to our members and what we promise them.


True success is gained by focusing on the success of others around you.


Ongoing education equips us to handle challenges with wisdom and grace.

Personal Responsibility

We take responsibility for our actions — we own our mistakes and our victories!


We strive to do the right thing at all times, even if that means a “loss” for us.

Finishing Strong

We do not give up and we do not let difficulties stand in the way of our goals.