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Choose more referrals, more clients, more sales

No more cold-calling or meeting with prospects one at a time. Enjoy sharing referrals with professionals from a wide variety of complementary industries and easily generate new leads for your business.

Choose a network of professional connections

Overcome obstacles more easily with a valuable network of professional connections who are committed to sharing their expertise and guidance to help you find success.

Choose better business skills

Elevate your management and leadership skills and gain confidence as you discover, sharpen, and leverage strengths you never knew existed.

Well-Rounded Memberships

Create Lasting Success

Some networking groups focus on meeting new people, others focus on generating leads, while others focus on learning new skills. At Biz to Biz Global Networking we believe a well-rounded approach is the best. While you gain new leads, you will learn and grow as a professional, strengthening your relationships and building trust with new clients, existing clients, and your entire network.

Our Process

Start Driving Sales and growth with our Easy 3-Step Process:

Step 1: Join a Chapter

Become a member of a chapter in your area or schedule a chat to learn more.

Step 2: get plugged in

Gain access to our network, make valuable connections and expand your business skills and knowledge.

Step 3: Experience Success

Gain new clients, grow your sales, and start living your dreams with a supportive network you can rely on.

Members & Partners

Trusted By Small Business Owners Around The Globe


What Our Members Have to Say

"My business has grown 300% since joining- and I've been in business for 10 years!"

Laurie Carrle

Massage Therapist

"I have personally generated over $61,000 in revenue, so I put a loan officer in a new chapter. In her first 6 months she has already generated over $14,000 in business."

Dave Christensen

Mortgage Broker

"My business picked up 11 new clients and generated $155,000 in revenue from my Biz to Biz Chapter in just one year."

Anna Kazmierowski


"My first year in Biz generated 20% of my personal book of business. I now have agnets in three different Biz to Biz chapters, and Biz generated sales account for 11% of my agency's production."

Amber Lamping

Insurance Agency Owner

"My first month in business, I only had one new client. I barely squeaked by that first year, then I joined Biz to Biz and it was awesome...we now average 40 new patients every month!"

Dustin Rising


Get Started with our 3-step process

Start Driving Sales and Growth

"If you had a tree in your backyard and it bloomed money every week for two hours… wouldn’t you be there to pick it? Biz to Biz blooms $550 on average for me every week in my chapter!"

Jenna MacLennan

Computer Repair Services

What Makes Us Different?

We Know There’s No One-Size-Fits-All Solution

We’ve been where you are and we understand the wide variety of challenges that business owners face — everyone’s needs are different and the appropriate strategies for growth, networking, and skill enhancement should be unique. 

That’s why our approach is different from other organizations — everything we do and everything we offer is specifically tailored to the motivations and personalities of small business owners, high-level managers, and independent sales professionals.


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