Propel Your Business Forward

With the right connections

We help you connect, we help you grow, we help you succeed.

Share your knowledge, expand your network, and connect with like-minded business professionals


We know there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. We’ve been where you are and we understand the wide variety of challenges that business owners face. Everyone’s needs are different and the appropriate strategies for growth, networking, and skill enhancement should be unique. Our approach is different from other organizations, everything we do and everything we offer is specifically tailored to the motivations and personalities of small business owners, high-level managers, and independent sales professionals. 


We help you Connect.

Biz to Biz provides a unique for our members to receive new leads and quality referrals and build valuable professional connections, (and much, much, more).  

We help you Grow.

The most effective way to advance your business is to develop your own skillset. We help make work life easier and more efficient with the tools and training you need to develop your skillset and move forward confidently.

We help you Succeed.


  1. Time tested strategy
  2. Community involvement
  3. Increase sales
  4. Save time
  5. Larger web presence
  6. New business ideas
  7. Learning opportunities
  8. Leadership Skills
  9. Training & Education
  10.  Avoid the trial & error

Here’s How It Works  

Step 1: Register as a Biz Guest

Register to attend a meeting as a guest. Experience our meeting format and connect. 

Step 2: Get plugged in

 Become a member of a chapter in your area, gain access to our network, make valuable connections, and expand your skills. 

Step 3: Experience Success

 Gain new clients, grow your sales, connect with your community, and start reaching your goals with a supportive network you can rely on.

“We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.”


More Referrals, More Clients, More Sales

No more cold-calling or meeting with prospects one at a time. Enjoy sharing referrals with professionals from a wide variety of complementary industries and easily generate new leads for your business.


A Network of Professional Connections

No more cold-calling or meeting with prospects one at a time. Enjoy sharing referrals with professionals from a wide variety of complementary industries and easily generate new leads for your business. 


Better Business Skills

Elevate your management and leadership skills and gain confidence as you discover, sharpen, and leverage strengths you never knew existed. 

Register as a Biz Guest today to connect with your community, start driving sales, grow your skillset, and create lasting success.

 Click HERE to find a chapter you would like to visit, please select that chapter name from the dropdown in the registration form to the right.



What Our Members Have to Say

Biz to Biz has helped me build my website & internet marketing company 25% in the past year. It’s helped me establish relationships in the community and build trust in our business. The referral system is great because it allows me to refer to businesses I know, like, & trust.”
Visual Web Group

Biz to Biz has been the best “word of mouth” Networking group I have ever been involved in. My business has excelled tremendously. I have had a 36% increase in business directly from my Biz to Biz chapter. Biz to Biz is a great opportunity to build professional and leadership skills that can also be carried over to your own business. I have personally grown, enhanced my public speaking skills, and have enjoyed getting to know other business professionals.
Linda Bettendorf, Mary Kay Consultant

I have been involved in several networking groups and events over the past 8-9 years and B2B has been the best. The skills I’ve developed, sales I’ve made and people I’ve had the opportunity to work with are incredible. For anyone seeking a business networking group, I would certainly recommend Biz to Biz.
Taylor Yotz


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