Biz to Biz Membership Application

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Biz to Biz is a non-discriminatory organization – all first-time member applications are approved upon receipt. EXCEPTION: If the primary industry has already been taken in the desired chapter, as reflected on the application,  then the application will be denied. The member will be offered an alternative chapter membership if available or invited to be a part of a Now Forming Chapter. Applications are processed immediately upon receipt.

Filling Out The Application:  As you fill out the application for Biz to Biz Network, Inc., please realize that the information you provide will be used on the Biz to Biz Network, Inc. website to represent you, your business/company, your products, and your services.

  • Desired Chapter:  Please state the Chapter in which you desire membership.
  • Member Full Name:  This is the name of the primary person/member who will be attending Chapter meetings.
  • Company Name:  Please use the legal/formal name of the company you represent.
  • Mailing Address:  This is the legal/formal mailing address for your company.  If the physical address is different, please note this on the same line.
  • Business #: Primary telephone number for your business.
  • Cell Phone #:  Your cell telephone number is not posted on the website unless you choose to use it as the primary number for your business and/or as your primary contact number.  This number is used by Biz to Biz Network, Inc. for internal use only.
  • Name of Biz to Biz Sponsor:  Please list the person responsible for inviting you to a Chapter meeting, and ultimately – the one who influenced your decision to join Biz to Biz Network, Inc. as your networking vehicle of choice.
  • Date: Today’s date.
  • Job Title:  This listing is your formal position as stated on your business card.
  • Website:  Please list your company’s website address.
  • FAX #:  Please list the FAX number for your company.
  • Questions 1 – 7:  These questions are used by Biz to Biz Network, Inc. to gain demographic information on our membership.  Thank you for taking the time to respond.
  • Business Designation:  Each member must select a primary business designation.   This is defined as an area of expertise, area of license, or SIC code. When a business utilizes several areas of license, expertise or SIC codes they must select their primary area of business and represent that within the Chapter at a non-compete level.  Members are also able to list a secondary product or service on the application (See Secondary Product or Service). Each member may only represent one business entity. If a member owns more than one business they can have the second business join the Chapter; however, another person must be in attendance to represent that business as a primary member.  In this situation, these two members would not be allowed to act as a substitute for the other.
  • Secondary Product or Service:  A secondary product or service can be represented through your membership until another member joins and that secondary product or service becomes their primary business designation.
  • Membership Fee/Dues:  It is important to submit the application and all fees with your application.  The initial payment for membership includes an application fee of $175.00 and an annual membership fee of $345.00 – $599.00 depending on the membership plan chosen.  Both application fee and initial payment are required to secure your business designation in the Chapter.**Not applicable if you are updating your membership.
  • Membership Owner:  It is important to note that the entity that pays for the membership, owns the membership.  If a member pays for the membership and changes jobs – they have the opportunity to stay in the Chapter if their new business designation is available, request a transfer to another Chapter, be placed on a waiting list for the next available Chapter, or be a part of a Now Forming Chapter.  If their employer owns the membership and the member no longer works for this employer, the employer has 2 weeks to replace the primary attending member. If the replacement does not occur, membership is forfeited.
  • Signatures:  Please sign your application, as well as provide other information required.  With your signature, it is our understanding that you are aware of what the requirements of being a member entail.
  • Payment:  For your convenience, Biz to Biz Network, Inc. accepts credit cards and personal/corporate checks.  Credit cards payments expedite the processing of your application in that all items can be emailed/faxed to Member Services.

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